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Journal papers published in 2023

(ASIAA authors are in bold)
  1. Clarke SD; Sánchez-Monge Ñ; Williams GM; Howard ADP; Walch S; Schneider N, "A Herschel study of G214.5-1.8: a young, cold and quiescent giant molecular filament on the shell of a HI superbubble", MNRAS: 519(2), 3098-3117, Feb, 2023 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  2. Hirotani K; Shang H; Krasnopolsky R; Nishikawa K-I, "Two-dimensional Particle-in-Cell simulations of axisymmetric black hole magnetospheres: angular dependence of the Blandford-Znajek flux", ApJ: 43(2), id.164 (19 pp.), Feb, 2023 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  3. Lehmann M; Lin M-K, "Instabilities in dusty non-isothermal protoplanetary discs", MNRAS: 522(4), 5892-5930, July, 2023 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  4. Shang H; Krasnopolsky R; Liu C-F, "A Unified Model for Bipolar Outflows from Young Stars: Apparent Magnetic Jet Acceleration", ApJL: 945(1), id.L1 (21 pp), March, 2023 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  5. Shang H; Liu C-F; Krasnopolsky R; Wang L-Y, "A Unified Model for Bipolar Outflows from Young Stars: Kinematic Signatures of Jets, Winds, and Their Magnetic Interplay with the Ambient Toroids", ApJ: 944(2), id.230 (55 pp), Feb, 2023 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  6. Lesur G; Ercolano B; Flock M; Lin MK; Yang CC; Barranco JA; Benitez-Llambay P; Goodman J; Johansen A; Klahr H; Laibe G; Lyra W; Marcus P; Nelson RP; Squire J; Simon JB; Turner N; Umurhan OM; Youdin AN, "Hydro-, Magnetohydro-, and Dust-Gas Dynamics of Protoplanetary Disks", Protostars and Planets: VII, (32pp), 2023, Accepted [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  7. Lin FX; Main RA; Jow D; Li DZ; Pen UL; Van Kerkwijk MH, "Plasma lensing near the eclipses of the Black Widow pulsar B1957+20", MNRAS: 519(1), 121-135, Feb, 2023 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  8. Meli A; Nishikawa K; Köhn C; Duţan I; Mizuno Y; Kobzar O; Macdonald N; Gómez JL; Hirotani K, "3D PIC Simulations for relativistic jets with a toroidal magnetic field", MNRAS: 519(4), 5410-5426, March, 2023 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  9. Osato K; Okumura T, "Clustering of emission line galaxies with IllustrisTNG I.: Fundamental properties and halo occupation distribution", MNRAS: 519(2), 1771-1791, Feb, 2023 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  10. Saga S; Okumura T; Taruya A; Inoue T, "Relativistic distortions in galaxy density-ellipticity correlations: gravitational redshift and peculiar velocity effects", MNRAS: 518(4), 4976-4990, Feb, 2023 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )