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2024-08-06~2024-08-0910th Galaxy Evolution Workshop
2023-02-20~2023-02-239th Galaxy Evolution Workshop
2022-11-23~2022-11-25Taiwanese Theoretical Astrophysics Workshop II
2022-08-15~2022-08-19NCTS-ASIAA Workshop: Stars, Planets, and Formosa
2022-02-07~2022-02-108th Galaxy Evolution Workshop
2021-02-02~2021-02-057th Galaxy Evolution Workshop 2020
2020-08-06Theory Group Workshop
2019-12-09~2019-12-11Galaxy Formation and Evolution Across Cosmic Time
2019-08-02Theory Group Workshop 2019
2019-04-19~2019-05-03TIARA Lectures on hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics, Apr 19, 26, May 3, 2019
2018-10-26Ron's Fest: A Celebration for Ron Taam's 70th Birthday
2018-10-22~2018-10-26The 8th East Asian Numerical Astrophysics Meeting (EANAM 2018).
2018-10-18~2018-10-19Mini-School on Computational Astrophysics
2018-09-25~2018-09-27Taiwanese Theoretical Astrophysics Workshop
2018-07-16~2018-07-20TIARA Summer School on Origins of the Solar System
2017-10-20~2017-10-21Miniworkshop for High-Energy Astrophysics
2017-09-04~2017-09-08TIARA Summer School on Astrostatistics and Big Data
2017-07-26TIARA/CHARMS Mini-Workshop on Disks in the Protoplanetary Systems 2017
2017-07-01~2017-07-03Cross-Strait Astrophysics Symposium 2017
2016-08-15~2016-08-19TIARA Summer School on Radio Astronomy
2016-08-02~2016-08-03TIARA/CHARMS Mini-Workshop on Disks in the Protoplanetary Systems
2015-07-13~2015-07-17TIARA Summer School on Numerical Astrophysics
2015-06-28~2015-07-02TIARA Workshop on Astrobiology
2014-12-08~2014-12-12Dawn of New Cosmology: Opportunities and Challenges in CMB Polarization and Large Scale Structure
2014-06-19~2014-06-21Cross-Strait  Astrophysics Symposium 2014
2014-02-10~2014-02-14TIARA Winter School on Cosmology
2013-11-04~2013-11-08The First Hundred Million Years of the Solar System
2013-08-05~2013-08-09TIARA Summer School on Astrobiology
2013-06-24~2013-06-28The Lin-Shu Symposium: 50 Years of Spiral Density Wave
2012-11-12~2012-11-16TIARA Workshop on Star Formation and Its Environment in the Center of Galaxies
2012-09-10~2012-09-12Star Formation & the Interstellar Medium : Thirty Five Years Later
2012-02-06~2012-02-10TIARA Winter School on High Redshift Galaxies
2011-12-12~2011-12-16TIARA Workshop on the Transient Universe
2011-06-20~2011-06-24TIARA Workshop - Star Formation through Spectroimaging at High Angular Resolution
2011-06-15~2011-06-18TIARA Star Formation Summer School
2011-01-18~2011-01-22TIARA Winter School on Numerical Astrophysics in TIARA-NTHU
2010-11-02~2010-11-05The 4th East Asian Numerical Astrophysics Meeting (EANAM 2010).
2010-01-25~2010-01-29TIARA Winter School on Galaxies and Stellar Clusters in TIARA-NTHU
2010-01-11~2010-01-142010 Star Formation Workshop - Massive Star Formation: Observations, Theory and Diagnostic Tools
2009-11-16~2009-11-20TIARA Workshop on AGN & Star Formation Workshop
2009-02-05~2009-02-10TIARA Winter School on Star Formation in TIARA-NTHU
2008-12-08~2008-12-12TIARA Workshop on Dim KBOs
2008-07-07~2008-07-11TIARA Workshop on Radiative Transfer, Chemistry, and Numerical Simulation
2008-01-21~2008-01-25TIARA Winter School on Exoplanets
2007-12-03~2007-12-07TIARA Workshop - From Chemistry to Life
2007-07-30~2007-08-03TIARA Workshop on Early Solar System Mixing Workshop
2007-01-29~2007-02-02TIARA Winter School - Astrophysical Black Holes in TIARA-NTHU
2006-11-27~2006-12-08TIARA Active Galactic Nuclei and Black Holes Workshop
2006-07-03~2006-07-06High Energy Phenomena Around Compact Objects
2006-03-23~2006-03-24TIARA Radiation and Plasmas Processes in Stellar Astrophysics
2006-02-13~2006-02-17TIARA Cosmology Winter School in TIARA-NTHU
2006-02-13~2006-03-03TIARA Reionization Workshop
2005-12-11~2005-12-14Star Formation Workshop in ASIAA-TIARA
2005-11-28~2005-12-22Star Formation Program in TIARA-NTHU
2005-09-23Star Formation Seminar Day
2005-03-07~2005-03-18High Energy Phenomena of Compact Objects Miniworkshop
2005-01-16~2005-01-20TIARA Winter School on Astrophysical Disks in TIARA-NTHU
2004-12-16~2004-12-17The X-Ray Workshop
2004-12-10Star Formation Seminar