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Pen, Ue-Li Director; Distinguished Research Fellow
Specialty: Fast radio bursts, Pulsars, Cosmology
ASIAA1115 (02)2366-5300
Lee, Chin-Fei Deputy Director; Distinguished Research Fellow
Specialty: Star formation and Stellar Evolution; Radio Observations and MHD Numerical Simulations
ASIAA1318 (02)2366-5445
Liu, Sheng-Yuan Research Fellow
Specialty: Star Formation, Astrochemistry
ASIAA1315 (02)2366-5440
Okumura, Teppei Research Fellow
Specialty: Observational cosmology, Large-scale structure of the Universe, Analysis of large data set and simulations, Galaxy redshift surveys, Gravitational lensing, Dark matter and Dark energy, Modified gravity theory
ASIAA1214 (02)2366-5401
Shang, Hsien Research Fellow
Specialty: Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics, Star and Planet Formation, Magnetohydrodynamics, Meteorites, Origins of the Solar System
ASIAA1216 (02)2366-5404
Lin, Min-Kai Associate Research Fellow (Tenured)
Specialty: Astrophysical fluid dynamics applied to planet formation and evolution
ASIAA1213 (02)2366-5399
Gu, Pin-Gao Associate Research Fellow
Specialty: exoplanets, protoplanetary disks, interstellar shocks
ASIAA1212 (02)2366-5397
Chen, Ke-Jung Assistant Research Fellow
Specialty: Computational Astrophysics, Supernova Modeling, Nuclear Astrophysics, and Cosmology
ASIAA1420 (02)2366-5457
Postdoctoral Fellows
Chiang, I-Da Postdoc Fellow
Specialty: Interstellar dust, molecular gas, radio data reduction, ISM in the nearby galaxies, multiwavelength observation of ISM
ASIAA1305 (02)2366-5427
Clarke, Seamus David Colin Henry Postdoc Fellow
Specialty: star formation, ISM structures, molecular clouds, filaments, numerical simulations
ASIAA1103 (02)2366-5303
Das, Indrani Postdoc Fellow
Specialty: Role of magnetic field in star formation, Computational Astrophysics and Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulation, Protostellar disks and giant planet formation
ASIAA1405 (02)2366-5464
Hammer, Michael Andrew Postdoc Fellow
Specialty: Computational planet formation, protoplanetary discs
ASIAA1109 (02)2366-5307
Jeter, Britton Harold Postdoc Fellow
Specialty: Black holes, Active Galactic Nuclei, Jets, Variability, and Computational Astrophysics
ASIAA1421 (02)2366-5477
Science Education Building, NTNU Gongguan Campus SE707 (02-77496781)
Lehmann, Marius Postdoc Fellow
Specialty: Astrophysical Discs: Hydrodynamics, Protoplanetary disks, Planetary Rings, Instabilities, Disk-Satellite Interactions
ASIAA1413 (02)2366-5471
Teachey, Alexander Distinguished Postdoc Fellow
Specialty: exoplanets and exomoons
ASIAA1401 (02)2366-5456
Visiting Scholars
Cemeljic, Miljenko Visiting Scholar (NCAC, Poland)
Specialty: MHD Simulations
Chang, Tzu-Ching Visiting Scholar (JPL, Caltech)
Specialty: 21-cm Cosmology; Cosmic Reionization; Gravitational Lensing; Large-scale Structure
Hirotani, Kouichi Visiting Associate Research Fellow
Specialty: High Energy Astrophysics
ASIAA1218 (02)2366-5406
Nakamura, Masanori Visiting Scholar (NIT, Hachinohe College)
Specialty: Theoretical astrophysics; Astrophysical Jets, Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs), Supermassive Black Holes, Computational Astrophysics
Pu, Hung Yi Visiting Scholar (NTNU)
Specialty: Black Hole Astrophysics, General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics (GRMHD), General Relativistic Radiative Transfer (GRRT)
Suyu, Sherry Visiting Scholar(Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics)
Specialty: Observational cosmology, Galaxy formation and evolution, Dark matter halos of galaxies, Gravitational lensing, Bayesian data analysis methods
Yen, Chien-Chang Visiting Scholar (Dept. Math, FJCU)
Specialty: Numerical Simulation
FJCU (29053547)
Adjunct Fellows
Ng, Kin-Wang Joint Research Fellow; Inst. of Physics, AS
Specialty: Cosmology & Particle Astrophysics
AS (02-27896702)
Wu, Jiun-Huei Proty Joint Research Fellow; Dept. Physics, NTU
Specialty: Modern Cosmology
NTU 811 (02-3366-5157)
Harsono, Daniel Santoso Joint Assistant Research Fellow; Inst. of Astronomy, NTHU
Specialty: Low mass star formation, Astrochemistry, Chondrule formation
NTHU (03-571-5131 ext.42679)
Wu, Meng-Ru Joint Assistant Research Fellow; Inst. of Physics , AS
Specialty: Particle astrophysics, Nuclear astrophysics, Neutrino physics, Supernovae, Binary neutron star mergers, Nucleosynthesis
Institute of Physics, AS (02-2789-6779)
Ma, Chung-Pei Adjunct Research Fellow; UC Berkeley
Specialty: Theoretical Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics
Tseng, Yao-Huan ITS office manager, Senior Research Scientist
Specialty: GPU computing, Parallel Computing, disk-planet interaction, Galactic Dynamics and Large Scale Structure Formation in Universe
ASIAA1402 (02)2366-5458
Bandopadhyay, Somdeb Support Scientist
Specialty: Fluid Mechanics and Scientific Computing
ASIAA1304 (02)2366-5422
Krasnopolsky, Ruben CompAS Project Scientist
Specialty: Star formation, MHD simulations
ASIAA1218 (02)2366-5407
Liu, Chun-Fan Theory Support Scientist
Specialty: Star formation, Optical and Infrared astronomy, Scientific computing and code development
ASIAA1201 (02)2366-5382
Vaisala, Miikka Project Scientist
Specialty: MHD turbulence and star formation
ASIAA1405 (02)2366-5466
Chen, Yen-Hua Contract-based Employee
Specialty: Fast radio bursts
ASIAA1107 (02)2366-5306(public)
Tseng, Hsien-Chun High-Performance Computing Specialist
Specialty: High-Performance Computing
ASIAA1208 (02)2366-5392
Chen, Wun-Yi PhD Student / NTU
Specialty: Radiation hydrodynamics
Chuang, Yao-Tsung PhD Student / NTU
Specialty: Cosmology
Inoue, Takuya PhD Student / NTU
Specialty: Cosmology, General Relativity, Large-scale structure of the Universe, Dark Matter and Dark Energy
Ng, Chi-Hang PhD Student / NTU
Tsai, Sung-Han PhD Student / NTU
Wang, Shiang-Chih PhD Student / NTU
Specialty: Planet Formation, Protoplanetary disc, Computational Astrophysics
Ho, Meng Yuan Graduate Student / NTU
Specialty: First Galaxies, Cosmology
Li, Jie-Ming Graduate Student / NTU
Specialty: Star Formation, Scientific Computation
Liu, Yu-Hsuan Graduate Student / NCU
Specialty: Stellar Evolution, Supernova Spectroscopy
Tung, Pei-Cheng Graduate Student / NTU
Specialty: Interstellar Medium and Star Formation
Wang, Ya-Chi Graduate Student / NTU
Chang, Yi-Chieh Undergraduate Student / NTU
Specialty: Hot Jupiter
Pai, Che-Wei Undergraduate Student / NTU
Sun, Yung-Ching Undergraduate Student / NTU
You, Kai-An Undergraduate Student / NTHU